Your Writing Projects

Writing and Ghostwriting

If you have a writing project in mind and you want someone else to produce it, I can write it for you. Whether I write or ghostwrite it or we actively collaborate, I have a record of finishing the job. I have produced a range of books and documents, including:

  • Technical Manuals
  • Cookbooks
  • Business development manuals
  • Personal development books
  • Life Stories
  • Historic Preservation Tours and Guide books
  • Website copy
  • Grant applications

Writing Project Management and Publication Support

I can help you with the details of getting your publication out the door. If you wish to self-publish, I work regularly with several designers, printers, and publishers who will give you good results with books and ebooks. With my experience and contacts, I can guide your project through the process in a timely and cost-effective way.

As a published author with an agent and a publisher, I can also help you with query letters and book proposals.

How it works:

We can meet in person, on line, or on the phone to discuss your project. I will produce a statement of the scope of the work, estimate a timeline, and I will bid the job. If the work is too open-ended for a timeline or a bid, then you and I will come to an agreement about how we want to progress.

Manuscript Evaluation

I will evaluate your manuscript and give you my opinion of its strengths, weaknesses, and needed next steps. Depending on the depth of analysis you desire, I will provide a 3 to 6 page report along with comments imbedded in your MSWord file. Fees vary by length of your manuscript and the depth of analysis, starting at $150.