The 90-Day Plan

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Fred Dearborn and Marti Woodward taught me that it really does take a long time to create a new, positive habit. Even though this new habit is really a good one, and you are committed to it, a new habit is just as hard to establish as a bad one is to extinguish. Who knew?

When I ghosted The Ten Power Protocols for Dearborn and Woodward, I learned that people tend to relent just as their new habit is about to become a permanent fixture. They are just about to the tipping point when they decide that they don’t have to focus on the new behavior anymore or they just decide it’ll never “stick.” They quit when they are ‘this close’ to making it.

Well, if I could add together the amount of time I’ve spent trying to establish exercise habits, I bet I’d have the habit! Instead, I have a string of almost-made-it attempts at creating an exercise routine.

I am a writer, a dilly and a dally-er. I can’t even stick to one way of fixing my coffee! But I do have a writing habit. I write almost everyday. (Life with kids does intervene on occasion.)

I got the habit by writing everyday for 90 days. And I believed Dearborn and Woodward, so I stuck with it even though I thought I had established the habit. In the morning when I have a quiet house, I write in my journal for a few minutes. This time lets me get my head screwed on for the day. What’s bugging me? What can I do better today?

I write most days for clients and for deadlines, but this writing is me, for fun, for playing with words and ideas. I am enlivened by it.

Want to try it, too?

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