Getting ‘Er Done

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I have spent years trying to find perfection so that I can write: the perfect place, the perfect pen, the perfect keyboard, music, coffee, you name it. It has been fun, but these distractions are just that. I had to adopt a more pragmatic approach to drafting, revising, refining, and editing.

Get ’er done. Set goals and deadlines and meet them. If I waited for someone to set them, I won’t get much done. Not that many people are clamoring for the next issue of whatever I am writing.

Get together with other writers. Share my ideas, drafts, and polished writing to get feedback. Also, saying I will bring a piece to read means that I will finish it. I dislike embarrassing myself!

Send it out. Like trying to find perfection, we can all mess around with a written piece until we are tired of it or have edited to oblivion. I need to find a possible home for a book and do the footwork of writing queries and proposals, and then mail it! If I get enough of these going, then I always have something in the hopper when the inevitable rejection letters come in.

Write everyday, not just when everything is quiet and I have the afternoon to myself. My writing is my practice for being centered and sane. I have to do it, or I won’t do it well when I finally sit down again. And I might get a little crazy, too.

My clients constantly tell me that writing is so much more work than they ever thought it would be, that it takes so much time, that there is so much more to it than they thought. Yes. Get ‘er done.


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