Coaching Your Writing

My clients include a wide range of writers who have a variety of projects and topics.


Previous Clients Have Included:

  • Business owners writing newsletters, books, and web copy
  • Retired people who want to write their life stories for family or publication
  • Individual fiction and non-fiction writers
  • Graduate students completing theses and dissertations
  • High school students applying to college
  • Poets looking for a fresh audience

How it works:

We will meet for a FREE 30 minute session, either on the phone or in person, to see if what I provide is what you need. After that, we will meet when you are available as frequently or infrequently as you wish. Our sessions will be approximately one hour and the fee will be $80 per session.

I have had the privilege of having Molly assist me in writing for both clients and fellow professionals. She is highly effective and can definitely help improve your written communications with your client base.

Molly helped order my life and my story with very clear and relevant recommendations for how to lay out the information. I came away from our sessions with copious notes for how best to proceed. Everyone who is engaged in a writing project would be fortunate to have Molly’s professional expertise in guiding them.

Molly is amazing! When I was beginning to take writing seriously, she valiantly took me on. She kindly dealt with my overly verbose style, along with my lack of grammatical training. She is quite perceptive and is an excellent writing mentor.


Writing Classes

I regularly teach an eight-week writing class for all levels of writers working on any kind of project. The class meets once a week for 90 minutes. I present the topic for the day, we practice, and we provide specific feedback to each other on our writing projects. This is a no-stress writing group that I carefully facilitate. You learn new writing techniques and ideas, and how to give and receive useful feedback. Let me know what you want to learn, and I’ll include it in the class. Please contact me for information about the next class.

The writing workshop renewed my desire to write new material.

Molly is great at inspiring and motivating me.

This focused, practical class helped me take a more objective look at my work, taught me how to ask for constructive criticism, and helped me establish priorities in my writing.

Molly’s feedback and understanding of writing is invaluable.

Training and Workshops

Professionals produce and are judged by their writing. However, their profession is usually something other than “writer,” so they might need some training in how to write well. I create custom workshops for groups of professionals or for individuals in a professional setting. I analyze the issues, create a curriculum, and provide individual coaching so that the training is fully implemented.

I also teach workshops on “Writing Your Story” and “How to Use a Writing Coach.”

How it works:

My fee varies with the length of the workshop, the amount of customizing of material required, and the number of participants. Please contact me and I would be happy to discuss these with you.