Blink, blink, blink

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The cursor on my screen is not sliding along, uncovering words gracefully expressing great ideas. No. It isn’t moving. Blink…Blink…Blink. The weather is lovely, so maybe a gardening adventure will rejuvenate me. Cutting back the roses and spotting crocus and daffodils, that would be fun!….. But I have agreed to stay right here and work on any of three projects. I have been at this writing thing long enough to know that sometimes, I have to grab the muse by her long flowing gown and sit ‘er down. I will stay here because I have prepared for such moments.
My writing space is full of memories of those who inspire me to keep at it. The cover photo my son took of a great man whose life I wrote down. Gifts from students who believe in me. Paintings and poems from my other son. Just-for-pretties to prove that someone will actually care if I write or not.

I also have my well-used tools in reach: two monitors, a printer, a keyboard and mouse, a fountain pen, a variety of ball points and three or four very sharp pencils. I like everything about graphite scratching on a legal pad. I do not write with mechanical pencils. Ever. My latest toy is a cup warmer for my coffee or tea; it reduces the number of trips to the microwave to reheat my drink. Who knows what will happen if I wander off?

When it is tough to get my mind on writing, I am most definitely NOT ALLOWED to surf the internet. I’ve probably already exhausted Facebook and email for the day, so no going there, either. I’ve prepared for these days. I have created a real, physical, happy place. If I am lucky, the phone will ring and in a few minutes, I’ll hear myself say, “well, I’ve got to get back to my writing,” and I’ll mean it. When the phone is silent, I turn my brain to the task, jab my fingers at the keyboard, and the cursor quits its mindless blinking. It skids across the screen. I’m writing. I am glad I was prepared.

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