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About Molly Wingate

I started Wingate Consulting in 2001 as my way of doing what I like best, helping people get their ideas into words. I bring my curiosity, talent, and wit to all kinds of writing: yours, ours, and mine. I coach, ghostwrite, and write. I coach all kinds of writers on any kind of project. My clients include financial analysts, graduate students, professionals creating newsletters, novice writers working on their first novels, psychologists writing books, poets looking for an audience, adults wanting to write their life story for their families, and high school students applying to college. I have written books, reports, and manuals for non-profit organizations, companies, and individuals.

I ghost write a wide range of topics, too. My ghost titles include a cookbook, life stories for the families of patriarchs and matriarchs, an executive development training book, and a novel-length book about a homeless kid turned business man and artist.

Most recently, I’ve published a parenting book, a history of the Colorado State Court of Appeals, a walking tour guide, and personal essays. Soon to be released is a history of a family and its farm, which is now owned by a nonprofit. I am also collaborating on a children’s book about the farmer. I have prepared copy for historical markers, written web copy, and written grants for nonprofit organizations. I started teaching writing in 1978. I taught students and teachers in high schools, community colleges, colleges, and universities. Before I left higher education in 2001, I was widely published on the topics of peer tutoring and writing centers and received honors for my work. I received my B.A. (’77) and M.A. (’87) in English from Bucknell University.

It’s true; I can write just about anything and teach just about anyone to be a better writer. So, what can I help you with today?