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Getting a book from your brain to your local bookstore shelves has three really big steps to it. Writing the book, getting the book published,and selling the book. All three steps take time and require our best efforts.

I am currently living in the second and third steps of two different projects. They have very little to do with the ping of ideas that led to the writing of the books. I like the crackle of connections between ideas and the brain tingling challenges of crafting sentences to hold them. What a rush, right?

Most writers like the writing and somehow think the publishing and selling are not what they signed up for and that they really don’t have to do them. Wrong.

Getting your book published, either self publishing or traditional, moves your book into the public arena for people to see, read, and use in the ways you thought your book was intended. The work for you is to learn all you can about publishing and understand that your work won’t “go public” without it. Self publishing has a learning curve as does traditional publishing. There are not short cuts or easy paths that will result in a highly saleable book. It is a maze, a puzzle. Make it fun.

Selling the book turns the stomach of many a solitary writer. It seems somehow tawdry to peddle books. Traditional publishers expect their writers to be promoting books all the time. You must learn to blog and to tweet, especially if you self publish. There are so many books and so few bookstores that book signings and book reviews are harder to get. Selling makes you stretch, so enjoy getting limber!



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