Getting ‘Er Done

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I have spent years trying to find perfection so that I can write: the perfect place, the perfect pen, the perfect keyboard, music, coffee, you name it. It has been fun, but these distractions are just that. I had to adopt a more pragmatic approach to drafting, revising, refining, and editing.

Get ’er done. Set goals and deadlines and meet them. If I waited for someone to set them, I won’t get much done. Not that many people are clamoring for the next issue of whatever I am writing.

Get together with other writers. Share my ideas, drafts, and polished writing to get feedback. Also, saying I will bring a piece to read means that I will finish it. I dislike embarrassing myself!

Send it out. Like trying to find perfection, we can all mess around with a written piece until we … Read More »

Blink, blink, blink

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The cursor on my screen is not sliding along, uncovering words gracefully expressing great ideas. No. It isn’t moving. Blink…Blink…Blink. The weather is lovely, so maybe a gardening adventure will rejuvenate me. Cutting back the roses and spotting crocus and daffodils, that would be fun!….. But I have agreed to stay right here and work on any of three projects. I have been at this writing thing long enough to know that sometimes, I have to grab the muse by her long flowing gown and sit ‘er down. I will stay here because I have prepared for such moments.
My writing space is full of memories of those who inspire me to keep at it. The cover photo my son took of a great man whose life I wrote down. Gifts from students who believe in me. … Read More »